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We’re happy you found us, and hope you will find what you are looking for, whether it’s training tips, information on specific issues, good resources or are just hoping to see some well-loved pit bulls!

Your Pit Bull and You is committed to a few things: highlighting pit bulls in the most positive light, promoting humane, reward-based training and paying it forward. Pit bulls don’t need a heavier hand, they don’t need harsh punishments to learn. If we want the world to see them the way we do, we owe it to them to train them in a way that is proven to be the most effective and reliable. Call it reward-based, positive reinforcement based, force-free, whatever you will. Your Pit Bull and You only endorses training methods that do not involve pain, fear, startle or shock.

What about the whole paying it forward thing? Well, we are also committed to sharing the love. If you’ve been to our Facebook page, you know that we regularly feature articles and training tips (in addition to featuring pictures of your amazing pit bulls, which is probably our favorite part!). Based on the amazing work you have all done with your beloved dogs, we realize that not only do we have something amazing to share with each other, but we also have amazing things to share with the world. Your dog is a breed ambassador? Of course! How about taking it to the next level, one in which all of the hard work your pit bull and you have done benefits others? From breed ambassador to Pit Bull Superhero, if you will.

Your Pit Bull and You is an organization that creates and shares quality training content and educational messages and one in which donations for specific fundraisers, like our 2014 calendar contest, are used to help others fulfill their missions. Through our calendar contest we raised funds for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and are thrilled to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause. The missions of the organizations we support must include having made the same commitment to training dogs (of whatever type) in a humane manner, using science-based methods, which just happen to come with a wonderful side dish of compassion.
We hope you’ll come along for the ride and continue to grow with us. Over the past year, we have heard so many of your stories, and shared your setbacks and triumphs. It’s been simply amazing to see so many of you come so far with your dogs, whether they are Pit Bulls, Pomeranians or Poodles! We are honored to share our expertise and experience and are thrilled to see the impact “The Little Page That Could” has had for so many of you. Our promise to you is to continue to show pit bulls in only the most positive light, to promote the use of humane training methods and to always pay it forward.

Featured Posts

Growing Up Gomez

So, how exactly did our new feature “Growing Up Gomez” come to be? Well, we received an email from a follower who loved our Dog Of The Week feature and was intrigued by the success stories in them. Desperately searching for success stories, she reached out and said that she would absolutely eat up the “rags to riches” aspect of a dog’s journey, as she was struggling with her newly adopted dog, Gomez.

From there, a plan was formulated: let’s walk people through Gomez’s journey. Let’s talk about the highs, the lows, the challenges and the victories.

What we didn’t count on was that it would be so darn funny. We hoped that people would see themselves in Gomez’s journey and that it would give them hope…that more people could start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

Please join us and Laura as we watch it all unfold and lead to a grown up Gomez- a boy who knows what manners are and fills his people with as much pride at his accomplishments as he does joy and laughter with his antics!

We’d love to hear your stories, as well! Your struggles, your victories (no matter how small) and especially about your commitment to seeing things through with your dog. Sometimes, sharing our stories makes us feel less alone and it definitely gives others the courage to share. You can send your stories to info@yourpitbullandyou.com

Finding the Right Professional for You

If you are here, chances are good you have a dog. Many people who have dogs are able to live peacefully with them without professional help, but some need back-up. Whether it’s because you would like some help building the basics, or are dealing with behavior issues, professionals can help you more efficiently and with less wear and tear on you and your dog.

This series examines the different types of certifications available for dog trainers, as well as the different types of behaviorists. Finding the right professional can help set you and your dog up for success.

In this series, we help you understand what the credentials the professional you have hired mean and how to ask the right questions. Our goal is to help steer people towards qualified force-free trainers and behaviorists. Levels of competency can vary among trainers and knowing if the professional you have hired has the knowledge and skills to help you and your dog can save you a lot of time and money.

Trainer Spotlight

Our new feature, “Trainer Spotlight” was created to shine the light on the force-free trainers who are out there getting the job done and doing it well.

As per our mission of providing quality information, one of our goals at Your Pit Bull and You is to help more people find their way to trainers who can help them and their dog succeed and live happily together. Each week, we’ll spotlight a new trainer in hopes that their knowledge and expertise can help our followers understand why we do what we do and hopefully, it will also lead our followers to great trainers who can help people have the relationships that they want with their dogs.

If you’d like to be featured in our Trainer Spotlight, or have worked with a great force-free trainer you’d like us to shine the spotlight on, send us an email at info@yourpitbullandyou.com