I Reward Pit Bulls

Continuing on our theme of “I…Pit Bulls”, we are super stoked to reveal our newest design, “I Reward Pit Bulls”! This design was inspired by a fun hashtag from our good friend, John, at Rescue Pit, based out of Rochester, NY. #treatpride is a way of sharing our commitment to reward-based training and letting the world know that we believe in the power of rewarding the behaviors we want to see more of from […]

The Nail of the Dog

I have a confession to make. Though I am a dog trainer and have had dogs of my own for the past 20 years, there is one area that, until recently, has been a bit of a bugaboo for me. That area is maintenance of my own dog’s nails. This is quite embarrassing, actually, and is one of those things that could keep me up at night, asking, “Why?? Why, oh why is this […]

On Separation Anxiety

One of my jobs is to serve as the initial point of contact for MalenaDeMartini.com. In this job, I walk prospective clients through what a separation anxiety protocol will look like, take some history and empathize, empathize, empathize.

By and large, the people who inquire are people whose dogs have been suffering from separation anxiety for a while. They have managed their lives and their dogs, they have worked around the issue, they have tried […]

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Recently, I have read some things that I’ve found a bit upsetting, and have been trying to remind myself that this mission we are on is a marathon and not a sprint. Here, I am talking specifically about our mission regarding making reward-based training the norm. We are making headway, though, as a “movement”, and individually as trainers, and I see evidence of that daily, from the client who tells me he kicked his […]

The Stigma of Tethers


Most of us in animal welfare have a pretty negative conditioned emotional response to the word “tether.” It evokes images of emaciated dogs in filthy yards attached to heavy chains. In most cities, animal laws preclude owners from keeping their dogs on tie-downs, with good reason. This is, without doubt, an inhumane way to contain a social species. Isolation equals punishment for most dogs. But thanks to organizations like The Coalition to Unchain Dogs, dogs […]